Jan 162013
The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Jun 242012

To understand business a little bit better, and be able to see how one can fit in all these actors to find a path to financial freedom – here is my attempt to dissect a business.

In my mind there are always 4 actors in any business. They include the Government, the Investor, the Business Owner, and the Operator.

Lets first get the BAD actor out of the way. Regardless, how well one develop a business plan, the Government will surely get a piece of the action. Older I get more I realized Government is like a legitimize gangster. Give Uncle Sam his share and all is well (regardless you made or lose money — that’s the great part for being the Government.) Unfortunately, most of us won’t be able to play that role.

The Investor

All business has an investor whether you know it or not. Investor is the role when you put the initial seed money to buy or to build a business. It can also be the additional money that is put into the business to expand a business. In my mind, buying the company’s stock does not make you an investor for the majority of us.

The Owner

The owner who can also play the role of an investor, owns the business entity. He is the guy that assumed the risk of the business to pay back creditors, suppliers, and assume all business liabilities for owning a company. He can be involved with the day-to-day activities of a business, or be an absentee owner like Warren Buffett – who is a legendary investor with uncanny ability to spot an under perform or profitable business with an exceptional management team. He would buy out the business (inject more money for expansion), and let the existing management team to run the company. He plays the role of an absentee owner and the only request he has of the management team is to transfer all of the company’s profit to his holding company at the end of the year. The man is exceptionally shrewd and gifted with making money.

The Operator

Lastly, there is the business operator, who can also be the investor and the owner. As a business operator you manage and run the business day-to-day activities. Most small business owners play all 3 roles (the investor, the owner, and operator). This can be quite lucrative if the business yields more money than one can earn from having a job with the same amount of work. Often though that is not the case for successful professionals who earn high $xx,xxx to low $xxx,xxx which is enough to live comfortably, but far from being rich.

Rich and Financial Freedom

Well, I guess the definition of being rich is having enough money to live an extravagant life without having to work (at least not the day-to-day grind). That may not be totally accurate — but that’s what most of us would define as being rich.

So, my life long exploration like most of you, is to uncover the methods of achieving financial success by understanding the component of these 4 business actors. Someone is said to have achieved financial freedom, when he no long had to worry about money. And in my mind, that makes you rich. :)

Jun 092012




Tonight I was sitting on the can and it occur to me…why don’t I try to find partners and/or freelances to help me do something with the dozens of domain names and websites I currently own.

The great thing about having a blog is whenever I have an idea I can just write a post and put it out there…you never know who might be reading it. I might just be able to find great partners/helpers to help generate more sales and activities for my business.

I have some 4 LLLL.com I’d like to sell in the $x,xxx. If you can find me a buyer I can pay you a commission:


I have some domain names I see potential for development. If you are sitting around with nothing to do (it is the SUMMER after all) maybe we can work something out. I have the domain names, hosting accounts, ideas, and a lot of enthusiasm. Come partner with me to make something and sell it!

Oh…I actually own that domain name.

MakeSomethingAndSellit.com – Very catchy domain name, easy to remember…and inspires the entrepreneur spirit in all of us. Great for t-shirt, on/off line market.

BuySomethingAndSellit.com – If you don’t have the ability to make something, you can always buy something and sell it. Profit from others’ talent and creativity. Help them sell and make a handsome profit for both of us!

MobileOfficeAccessories.com – With so many mobile devices and laptops out in the market, you betcha there are plenty of office work being done while sitting inside a car, or inside a coffee shop. Lets build an eCommerce website with this name; or a little less ambitious…an affiliate website for mobile office accessory deals.

Buy-Insurance.Org – I really like to take this website to the next level. It is currently monetize with SureHits.com Can you help?

I have a network of airport websites (Midway-Airport.com, New-Orleans-Airport.com, San-Jose-Airport.com, etc) that are currently monetized with Google Ads Sense. I would like to enhance these airport websites and tie them together around the AirportAndHotel.com domain name – to monetize with hotel affiliate links, and hotel banner ads sales.

I have more project ideas. But that’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

Drop me an email if any of these opportunity interest you.

Jun 052012

I have a private investment question. Hopefully there are some savvy business individuals who can shine some light on my inquiry.

Lets put some number behind a business opportunity. I am more interested as an investor, since I have never been interested in partnering, and wanted to have a higher yield (ROI) than investing in stocks/bonds.

Lets say a business/website cost $100K to buy, and it can make potentially $120K/year. Annual salary to hire someone to run it full-time is $50K/year, and other expense is $20K/year.

That is assuming the projections are accurate. In the worst case scenario (and most likely in the beginning) the owner will run a negative cash flow.

Given the owner will be assuming all the risk and headache of running the business, absorbing the negative cashflow, and lending his expertise to said business….as an investor who invested $50K which is 50% of the cost to buy the business, what is a reasonable profit split between ME (the investor), and the business owner (who is an absentee owner – but takes care of the employee payroll, and all the administrative stuff related to the business)??

May 112012

A few years ago, it took me months to finally find out how to get Amazon affiliate links (which is in iFrame versus the regular HTML codes) to open in a new window. Today I was trying to add an Amazon link to one of my websites and it took me a few search to finally find out how it is done.

Hope this will save you some time and frustration when working with Amazon affiliate links.

By default all Amazon links open on the same window/tab:

MRZX02&f=ifr” width=”125″ height=”125″ scrolling=”no” border=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ style=”border:none;” frameborder=”0″>

To open link in new tab add &lt1=_blank.

src=”http://rcm.amazon.com/e/cm?t=bargainsaddic-20&o=1&p=21&l=ur1&category=toysandgames&banner=0QERA3S6YE7N02MRZX02&f= ifr&lt1=_blank  ” width=”125″ height=”125″ scrolling=”no” border=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ style=”border:none;” frameborder=”0″>

To open link in new window  add &lt1=_new.

MRZX02&f=ifr&lt1=_new ” width=”125″ height=”125″ scrolling=”no” border=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ style=”border:none;” frameborder=”0″>

Enjoy! And, thanks to Digitizor.com for reminding me how it is done.

Dec 232011

Uncle may be old…but or maybe that’s why he loves to know where the money is.
Without a doubt America is the best place for average Joe to make a buck. Big buck if you are lucky and talented.
According to Business Week, the 2011 top 10 richest zip codes in America are:

1. Palm Beach, Florida – 33480
2. Old Westbury, New York – 11568
3. Kenilworth, Illinios – 60043
4. Beverly Hills, California – 90210
5. Portola Valley, California – 94028
6. Bel Air, California – 90077
7. Gladwyne, PA – 19035
8. Purchase, New York – 10577
9. Los Altos, California – 94022
10. Santa Monica, California – 90402

As you can see half of the list richest zip codes are in California. For a screw up & indebted state, we sure have a lot of rich people here. Next time you want to make some money, target these zip codes. To make money – go where the money is!

Dec 082011

I registered my first .xxx, eBusiness.xxx, domain name yesterday. Before I had a chance to forward my domain name to my hosting account to create a “coming soon” page, I get this email from Godaddy. It required me to become a member of the sponsored community in order to launch an .xxx website. I am suppose to get an authentication email from ICM Registry (.XXX Registry) within 24 hours of my domain request to get my Member Id to become a member of the sponsored community.

As of this write, I still have not receive any email from ICM Registry. Below is the email I receive from Godaddy when I registered eBusiness.xxx.

Thank you for registering the following domain(s):


Below you’ll find additional details on the .XXX registration process. Please carefully review the option that best fits your needs.

  1. Protecting your brand, product or personal name? If you do NOT wish to publish content to your .XXX domain (i.e. create a website, park pages, etc.), NO further action is needed. While you will receive emailed instructions from the ICM Registry on how to become a member of the Sponsored Community, these instructions can be ignored.
  2. Launching a website on your .XXX domain? If you DO want to publish content or park your domain name, you MUST first become a member of the Sponsored Community. The membership process is fast, easy and free. Simply:
    1. Watch your inbox for an authentication email from the ICM Registry (sent within 24 hours of your domain request).
    2. Click the link in the email to complete the authentication process online and receive your Member ID.
    3. Once you receive your membership credentials, please associate your Member ID with your .XXX domains by following these instructions:
      1. Go to the Go Daddy Domain Manager by clicking here.
      2. Select the .XXX domain(s) you want to publish content on.
      3. Select .XXX Membership ID under the Contact icon.
      4. Enter your Membership ID.
      5. Click OK and your account will be updated.
  3. Already a member of the Sponsored Community? If you already have a Member ID, please associate it with your .XXX domain(s) by following these instructions:
    1. Go to the Go Daddy Domain Manager by clicking here.
    2. Select the .XXX domain(s) you want to publish content on.
    3. Select .XXX Membership ID under the Contact icon.
    4. Enter your Membership ID.
    5. Click OK and your account will be updated.


Just got my authentication email from ICM Registry this morning to get my .XXX Membership ID.

Dec 072011

I just registered my first .XXX domain name, eBusiness.XXX. I love to join the party and try something new. If you never try, you will never know. My first choice was Porn0.xxx. But, of course it was taken. Let see if I will have better luck with .XXX than I did with .CO. I know nothing about the XXX industry. But, I know enough to know that porn helped increase the usage of the internet in the early days…and I believe a lot of traffic is still going towards adult oriented websites. I’d love to learn about the online business of porn. So this domain name would be best served as a Business-to-Business porn industry directory. Will keep you posted if I plan on doing anything with this domain name. Most likely I won’t be developing it anytime soon. If anyone is interested in partnering to build a business around this domain name, please let me know what is your BIG ideas.

Dec 022011

I bought an economical GoDaddy web hosting account when I created my very first affiliate deal website back in 2008. This hosting plan can only host 1 website. The website speed used to be extremely slow – almost to the point of not usable. I have wanted to move the website to a different web hosting company, like HostGator, since I have an account there when I created this blog last year.

I bought a “Baby Plan” hosting from HostGator. As you can tell the speed is okay. But I wish it can be a lot faster.

For the past month or so, I have been noticing that my website, Bargainsaddict.com, hosted with GoDaddy is flying to my pleasant surprise. I just thought I let you know just in case you register your domain names with GoDaddy and had bad experience with their hosting service before, you may want to give them a second look.

Oct 222011

I frequently listen on the radio to a talk show host name Dennis Prager. He founded an On Line University to teach American Values a few years ago and one of the first 5 minutes online video courts he made was titled – The American Trinity. I was browsing around his website today and notice that he had created a 4th of July ceremony complete with instructions and artifacts to help us Americans to celebrate this important day meaningfully. I love rituals and ceremonies. Let me know if you will use it to help celebrate your next 4th of July.